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Journey of Hope!


 Kathleen J. Perry and Frances Derrick had embarked on different journeys. During the turbulent hippie years, Kathleen set out to find meaning and purpose in life. Frances' journey was chosen for her. It began with a phone call, telling Frances that her only son had been badly burned in a fire. Two women with different journeys, yet both found hope! Please check out these books that two wonderful women from our congregation have written!


 The Road to Qua~Qua Farm by Kathleen J. Perry

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Whose Report Will You Believe



The Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm is an inspirational story of a young couple living on a hippie commune in the early 1970's. Together with a small band of Hippies from Cambridge, Massachusetts, they moved to the back woods of Nova Scotia, Canada. The Old Weagle Farm was over one-hundred years old, run down, and in need of major repair. This farm would be the ideal place to begin, because it allowed them to live communally in a healthy environment, free from the norms, and values they had grown accustomed to. They would have an opportunity to create, and shape their very own community, influenced by their own imaginations. No longer dependent on society to achieve these freedoms, they would learn to live off the land, barter for things they could not provide for themselves, and create a new society within itself. They would face challenges they could never have imagined. Daily living was pushed to the limits with the absence of electricity, indoor plumbing, and central heating. Determined to break the mold for the American Dream once, and for all, their journey led them to this place, and they were determined to find out why! Their Quest was spiritual in nature, and they would soon discover the dusty road leading to the farm was just the beginning of a journey to awaken their souls, and satisfy the emptiness within their hearts. It would be a quest toward the King and His Kingdom! The Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm will compel you to pursue a journey of discovering for yourself. These true life stories will inspire, guide, encourage, and help you achieve the hopes, dreams, and purposes for your life.





Whose Report Will You Believe?

Do you think God's promises have failed you? Are you facing a trial for which there seems no deliverance? Are you ready to give up hope? Reading this book will strengthen your faith and you will be able to face any obstacle with boldness and power! Learning disabled, explosion, severe burns, operations, great disappointments, steadfast faith, promises of God, and many miracles!

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Prayer is our link with God, an awesome avenue through which we can express praise and adoration to Him for His goodness, love, and mercy; and an avenue through which we can voice our petitions and concerns. God's Word assures us that we can "come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need" (Hebrews 4:16).

Prayer also moves the hand of God on behalf of needs and circumstances in our church, our families, our community, nation, and world. Take time to pray and intercede for these areas as God leads you. Become part of a prayer group and intercede with others in times of corporate prayer. As you seek God's help, expect reports of great victory to follow as God answers prayer.

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