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Papa Denny's Freecycled Bikes


 The bike ministry started over two years ago. God had me collect 37 bikes over that fall and winter. During the summer, people gave me more and by the end of 2014, I had given out 72 bikes. Only about two thirds were returned. I still didn't know much about fixing certain bikes. So, I went on Youtube and learned how to fix them. I needed to get some specialized tools. Some were given to me and some I had to buy. God always made sure the money was available when needed. Yipee! I thank the Lord for everything! He started all this and is still providing. I still didn't understand why God wanted me to do this, except helping the J-1 students. Most of my time was spent fixing bikes and not telling them about Jesus. Now, I know better what the Lord has in mind with this ministry. Through giving bikes away and not charging for them, it was a better witness. Some of the students came to Jesus and many more heard the gospel. Yipee! We have a short window of time to reach the world and God has provided a way for us to do it from here!  Papa Denny's FreeCycled Bikes
Papa Denny's Freecycled Bikes
The 2016 season ended having given away over 200 bikes. I now have about 300 bikes in various places, including Pastor Boyle's home. I am expecting to have over 400 bikes by the time summer rolls around. Knowing that we had over 4,000 J-1 students here last year, it is not enough. With that many bikes out there, I will need some help with road calls for flat tires and bike fixes. God is good though and He will provide. He has so far.

 I thank the Lord and you, the people who ahve donated bikes, money, parts, and tools thus far. It is so awesome to see the body of Christ work together as we do to bring people from other parts of the world to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Some give food to them, some invite them in, and some donate money. It all adds up to the body moving together to advance the Kingdom of God! Yipee!!!

In 2017, I will need more donations as I will have more bikes. I will also need people to help fix bikes and to go out on road calls.


If you are a J-1 student looking to use a bike for the summer, please contact Papa Denny.

Papa Denny's Freecycled Bikes


142 Depot Street ~ Box 567 ~ Dennisport, Massachusetts 02639 ~ (508)394-2345

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