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 Pine Oaks Outreach Harwich a ministry of Mid-Cape Worship Center 142 Depot Street Dennis Port MA.


For over a year now, we have held women's weekly Bible studies at Pine Oaks off Bank Street in Harwich. While our numbers have increased, the more important blessing has been how the women have grown in their faith and bonded as sister in Christ to encourage and uplift one another, and boldly reach out to their nieghbors with God's love and the Gospel.


Some months ago, the group decided they would like to have a monthly pot luck dinner/social time. This activity has since blossomed, as other residents walk through and inquire. It is another opportuinity to invite our neighbors into our events where they can become comfortable with is, as well as more open to hearing the Gospel. 


When the management was approached recently for the use of the meeting facility in which to offer a weekly worship service for our elderly and disabled residents who are unable to getout to church, they signed off without hesitation. The service is open to all residents of Pine Oaks I, II, and III and their visiting family and friends. This event is modeled after a traditional church service with familiar hymns, Scripture readings, and prayer, and a short message. Periodically, we will offer Communion as well.


If you would like to know more about this outreach or if you would like to be come involved,

please see Linda Anderson.




Mid-Cape Worship Center, 142 Depot Street, Dennis Port, MA. 02639 (508) 394-2345

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Ten Goals for Senior Adults

1.  Admit you are a senior adult.  In many cultures those over fifty are highly esteemed.  Look for ways to honor those who are older than you, setting precedence for the younger generation.

 2.  Assess your past and prepare for the future.  Consider how God has provided spiritually for you and determine now to begin or continue your relationship with Him.

 3.  Avail yourself of education regarding health issues.  Many communities and medical centers provide free screenings and classes to keep you aware of symptoms and treatment before they become serious.

  4.   Accompany older senior adults to activities and doctors' visits.  Your help is invaluable to them, and you will learn from their experiences how to enhance your own life as a senior.

 5.  Allow yourself to set new priorities and commitments.  Determine what is important to you and approach these ideals with a renewed commitment of achievement.

  6.  Account for your financial status and goals.  Examine your insurance policies, bank accounts, wills, and trusts and decide what you can do to enhance your finances for the future.

 7.  Attend activities provided by your church and community.  Fellowship with others stimulates the mind and eliminates self-pity.

 8.  Approach others and encourage them to attend senior adult classes and activities.  You will add to your circle of friends and benefit both you and them.

 9.  Analyze anxieties and give them to God.  His assurance of care and peace allows you to mature spiritually.

 10.  Anticipate all God has for you as a senior adult and become aware of the blessing you can be to others.




The World's Graying Population

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